How Much Will the PS5 Cost? PlayStation 5 Guides 1

How much will the PS5 cost? What will the PlayStation 5’s price be when it releases? While there is plenty of excitement for Sony’s next-gen console right now, there are also worries that it won’t be particularly affordable. In this article, we’re going to look at the latest rumours and consider how much the PS5 will cost to buy at launch.

How Much Will the PS5 Cost?

Sony has not confirmed a price for the PlayStation 5 yet, so we currently don’t know how much the PS5 will cost at launch. System architect Mark Cerny has said that the price will be “appealing to gamers”, suggesting we shouldn’t anticipate an astronomical sum. However, the Japanese giant has also admitted that it’s targeting hardcore gamers first and foremost, so it’s not aiming for a mainstream audience on day one.

Our educated guess is that the PS5 will be slightly more expensive than the PlayStation 4 at launch, which originally retailed for $399.99. Considering the specifications of the system – including its custom-built SSD hard drive – we anticipate you’ll probably be paying somewhere between $449.99 and $499.99 for the device when it debuts. This is especially likely when you consider that PlayStation’s said it expects the PS4 to remain relevant through into 2022.

Of course, it’s always possible Sony could surprise with a cheaper or more expensive price point, but our advice is not to believe crazy rumours you read on the Internet. Respected industry analyst Michael Pachter recently said that he thinks the console will cost about $800 at launch, but if you watch the original interview it’s obvious that he’s being somewhat facetious. We simply can’t imagine a scenario where the PS5 costs more than $500 at launch – especially not in this ecosystem-centric era.