Detroit: Become Human - How Connor Can Die and Return At Every Opportunity Guide

Unlike the other protagonists you have to keep alive in Detroit: Become Human, Connor can actually die and return multiple times throughout the campaign. This does ultimately have a small impact on his relationship with partner Hank, which is worth keeping in mind if you want to ensure Hank and Connor are friends until the end in Detroit: Become Human. Nevertheless, you’re going to need to allow Connor to die and return a total of at least eight times to unlock the ‘I’ll Be Back’ Trophy. Note that aside from the poor relationship between Hank and Connor, dying in any of the following ways does not affect the how to keep everyone alive in Detroit: Become Human guide.

How Connor Can Die and Return At Every Opportunity in Detroit: Become Human

Connor may keep retuning, but he can die a lot of times before the end of Detroit: Become Human, and in order to unlock the ‘I’ll Be Back’ Trophy, you’re going to need to watch him wither a total of eight times. Here’s how you can get Connor to die and return at every opportunity in Detroit: Become Human.

All Connor Deaths in Detroit: Become Human

  • The Hostage: There are two ways Connor can fall at the hands of deviant android Daniel. You’ll either get shot or you’ll have to leap to your death.
  • The Interrogation: You won’t even see this scene unless you find the deviant in the attic in Partners. Make sure you complete that and force a confession out of the android. Leave the room and intervene when things turn sour. He’ll shoot Connor in the head.
  • On the Run: This is technically a Kara scene, but it includes crossover with Connor, too. When you have control of Connor during the chase sequence, fail the QTEs. The poor character will end up being hit by a truck.
  • The Nest: Mess up the chase sequence while chasing the deviant through the greenhouses in The Nest by pushing all of the wrong buttons.
  • The Bridge: Make sure you’ve got a poor relationship with Hank, so do the opposite of what’s detailed in the how to make Hank and Connor friends until the end guide. Kill the Tracis (or fail to even find them) in The Eden Club, too. Hank will shoot you.
  • Public Enemy: When you interrogate the androids in the kitchen, the deviant will attack Connor and tear out his robot heart. Fail the QTEs and let the timer to tick down for another Connor death.
  • Last Chance, Connor: Goad FBI lackey Gavin when you enter the archives and then figure out the location of Jericho. He’ll come back and fight you, but if you fail the QTE he’ll kill Connor.
  • Crossroads: The key here is that you choose not to become a deviant and Connor remains a machine. Depending on whether Markus is dead or not, you’ll either chase North or get into a fight with Markus. If you chase North, then you’ll be stopped by the police. Fight them and lose and they’ll kill you. Alternatively, if you get into a scuffle with Markus then fail the fight.