Detroit: Become Human - How to Make Hank and Connor Friends Until the End Guide

Hank and Connor’s relationship doesn’t exactly get off to the best possible start in Detroit: Become Human, with the beat down cop not the biggest fan of androids and the latest creation from CyberLife questioning his new partner’s work ethic. But it is possible for the pair to become pals, and they’ll need to if you want to keep everyone alive at the end of Detroit: Become Human. If you manage to make Hank and Connor friends until the end, you’ll unlock the ‘Partners’ Trophy for your troubles.

How to Make Hank and Connor Friends Until the End in Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human tracks your relationships right throughout the game. Whenever you adjust a relationship, the top right corner of the screen will display a blue arrow for a positive relationship change and a red arrow for a negative one. In the case of Hank and Connor, you want to try and act apologetic around him, and be sure not to chastise over his health or work ethic. The more compliments you pay and the more laidback you act, the more he’ll begin to like you. Also keep in mind that dying and returning a lot will affect your relationship with Hank, so be aware of all the times you can snuff it in our how Connor can die and return at every opportunity in Detroit: Become Human guide.

There are however some key moments in the game that will massively affect Hank and Connor’s friendship in Detroit: Become Human, and in this guide we’re going to help you to make the right decisions to aid you with earning the cop’s respect.

The Nest

Towards the end of the deviant chase in The Nest, you’ll have to make a choice: follow the android or save Hank. Make sure that you save Hank to really earn his respect.

The Bridge

You should already be on positive terms with Hank, but try not to irritate him in The Bridge. He will shoot you in this scene if he doesn’t like you, and obviously you don’t want him to do that. Make sure he doesn’t kill you to improve your relationship.

Meet Kamski

When you meet CyberLife’s founder in the Meet Kamski chapter, he’ll set you a test: shoot the Chloe for more information or spare her life for none. Hank doesn’t want you to kill the Chloe, so he’ll be appreciative if you ignore your programming and choose not to kill her.