Best PlayStation Music of June 2019 PS4 1

While June 2019 may have the fewest entries in a given month since we started doing this series, the silver lining is that the two entries in question are really good. One is one of the best scores from one of our favourite composers in the industry and the other is something wholly different: a great score from a game this author never played, but still loved the music from. Let’s jump in!


A delightful and relaxing VR title from Funomena, Luna also happens to sport a score from Austin Wintory, easily one of our favorite game composers -- period. So, with that being said, the fact that Luna is one of my favorites of his is a pretty big statement. The game’s emphasis on and utilisation of game music is baked in from the start. This intertwining of mechanics and music allows the score to hit home even more effectively than would be normally expected, heightening an already wonderful game even further.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

For something a bit different, though, we jump to a game that this scribe hasn't even played. But boy is the score good. The composing efforts of the (rather large) team of Michiru Yamane, Keisuke Ito, Ryusuke Fujioka, Atsuhiro Ishizuna, and Ippo Yamada did not go to waste as the soundtrack here is incredible. Despite its worrisome length of development, and some Kickstarer snags, the final product of this Castelvania-but-not-Castlevania title is one of excellence. It reviewed very well here at Push Square, too! A great game with a great soundtrack to boot.

And that does it for the shortest entry in the history of the series. While it may only be two titles, the two soundtracks selected this month are extremely good. Don’t sleep on either on.