Final Fantasy VII star Tifa’s proportions have been a hot topic of discussion ever since the remake was announced, and following the character’s long-awaited reveal at E3 2019, director Tetsuya Nomura has weighed in on one of the most notable alterations made. Speaking with Famitsu (as translated by, he admitted that her chest size has been reduced – as per a request from the Japanese company’s “ethics department”.

Tifa Final Fantasy VII Remake PlayStation 4 PS4 2
Tifa Final Fantasy VII Remake PlayStation 4 PS4 3

“It was necessary to restrict her chest,” he told the magazine. The goal was instead to retain her look – complete with white tank top and black miniskirt – but keep her build natural. As a result, the art team opted for an athletic design, with visible abs and fitted clothes. To be fair, it does make sense in the context of the game – her fighting style is very physical, and her build reflects that.

Personally, we reckon the alterations fit the more realistic art-style of the remake, although we’re sure that there’ll still be a backlash from some corners of the web. To be honest, we’re more surprised that the organisation has an ethics department, but it’ll no doubt have played a part in redesigning the infamous cross-dressing mission in the game as well.

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