Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order looked fairly promising during its gameplay demonstration at EA Play earlier this month. What wasn't made particularly clear is that the game's structure is actually similar to that of series such as Metroid Prime. As explained by Jeff Magers, lead level designer on the title, Fallen Order is a game about free exploration and discovering new areas.

Speaking about the in-game map, Magers explains: "We want to trust the player to find their own way and discover this world without breadcrumbing them along". The game lacks any objective markers, so you'll need to figure things out using the environment and this 3D map, which is pretty cool.

As for the Metroid-esque structure, Magers says it allows the studio to give players freedom to explore but also provide them with hand-crafted environments and moments. Parts of levels that you missed or couldn't access will become open to you once you have a certain Force power or upgrade. "You'll be re-traversing through these levels that earlier [were] kind of more of a linear experience, but maybe you passed a couple of ability gates on the way".

Magers also explains that you'll be able to revisit any planet at any time via your ship, the Stinger Mantis. So, if you go back to the first planet having progressed much further into the game, you're likely to discover lots more hidden areas.

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