The second State of Play broadcast from Sony is tomorrow, and despite the platform holder outlining what to expect, rumours have been swirling about what else might crop up during the 10-minute presentation. In addition to a look at the MediEvil remake, Sony has promised the reveal of a brand new game, but word on the street is that a long absent third party title will also be shown off. Current speculation is that this could well be Final Fantasy VII Remake.

To add a little fuel to the fire, Shinji Hashimoto, a producer at Square Enix and brand manager for Final Fantasy, has shared his excitement for State of Play over on Twitter.

Roughly translated, his tweet means, "Oh, it's here." It's possible he's retweeted this because the hotly anticipated remake will in fact be re-revealed. However, given this is the man who trolled us all at PlayStation Experience 2014, we wouldn't take this as read. Of course, fans are using this as an excuse to get excited, but this could quite easily be nothing.

Do you think we'll be reacquainted with Cloud and co during State of Play? Ready your pinch of salt in the comments below.