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Games as a Service is one of the biggest buzz phrases of the PS4 generation, but it's an area that Sony hasn't really experimented in too much. The hardware manufacturer and publisher stated in its recent investor meeting that this is an area the company wishes to improve going into the next generation.

Viewable in this PDF, the slide discussing "Owned IP" quickly touches on Games as a Service. The company wants to increase its revenue stream from this area of the market, which of course is done by investing time and money there. MLB The Show 19 is the sports game that users have spent the most money on in the US PlayStation Store, proving that there's massive potential for growth.

Along with dipping its toes into the water with multiplayer titles, could Predator: Hunting Grounds be another experiment for this sort of commitment? It's a game that could be easily updated with content throughout its lifespan, with both free and purchased updates for dedicated players.

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