RFG 1920x1080

The lead-up to E3 2019 is well and truly underway, with reveals, leaks, and rumours popping up all over the place. Yesterday was a bit of a wild ride for all of us PlayStation fanatics - desperately hoping for a surprise State of Play livestream - but instead here's a rumour that's based on some sort of concrete evidence. THQ Nordic has teased two new game announcements for next month's show, and one of them could be Red Faction Evolution.

Listed on the NVIDIA Ansel support page, the game is said to support the software that gives you the ability to capture in-game screenshots and share them on PC. This comes as a surprise because, of course, there isn't a title called Red Faction Evolution announced at the time of writing. While this type of leak would only confirm a PC release, we'd be shocked if the title skipped consoles.

Along with the potential return of Destroy All Humans, we might have a good idea of THQ Nordic's line-up even before the month of June arrives. Would you be excited about a new Red Faction experience? Break something in the comments below.

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