Destroy All Humans Rumour PS4 PlayStation 4

You know there isn't long to go before E3 when some ropey rumours start coming out of the woodwork. One that's starting to get a bit of attention is a questionable theory that the open world alien action series Destroy All Humans will be making a comeback, appearing at this year's LA show.

This rumour harks back to the infamous AMA that publisher THQ Nordic hosted on 8chan, of all places. During the Q&A session on the notorious website, the company supposedly leaked an image of its plans for E3 2019, one of which was Destroy All Humans.

More recently, the publisher has teased it will be showing off two new games at the trade show, describing one as "the long-awaited return of a galactically beloved game/franchise" and the other as "a new vision of a beloved game/franchise."

People are putting these two things together and deducing that a new Destroy All Humans will be announced during E3. It's not out of the question, we suppose, but the series took a nose dive after the first couple of titles, and there are certainly more "beloved" franchises in THQ Nordic's vast library of IPs. We wouldn't put too much stock in this.

What do you think? Will Crypto be probing his way onto PlayStation 4 with a brand new game? Do you want to see Destroy All Humans return? Read each other's minds in the comments below.