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Invitations are starting to go out to press concerning E3 2019, asking them to come along to appointments where they can get hands on time with upcoming games. Publisher THQ Nordic is doing exactly that, and in turn, has revealed that it will be announcing two new games at the show.

Each appointment a journalist can agree to attend comes with a small description in order to brief them on what to expect. The descriptors attached to THQ Nordic's meetings are: "it's the long-awaited return of a galactically beloved game/franchise" and "it is a new vision of a beloved game/franchise."

THQ Nordic Floor
Image: Gaming Bolt

So, what are these two games? The publisher has a mammoth amount of IPs to draw from now after it purchased so many over the past few years, so the possibilties are endless. Although, one of these has to be TimeSplitters, right? It's probably the most popular property THQ Nordic has on its books right now - most definitely fitting the descrption of a "beloved game/franchise".

What do you think these two games could be? Hype yourselves up in the comments below.