SEGA PS5 Toshihiro Nagoshi Sony 1

There’s no doubt that the PlayStation 5 is an absolute beasthave you seen that Marvel’s Spider-Man tech demo yet? Of course, with the system suspected to release next year, high-profile developers have already got up close and personal with the hardware – and Yakuza series general director Toshihiro Nagoshi has shared his thoughts.

Speaking during the latest SEGA-Nama broadcast (as translated by Gematsu), the tanned auteur admitted that the next-gen console's processing power is “incredible”. He insinuated that while his current focus is on the PS4, his team need to think up new ways to take advantage of the system beyond simply upgrading the graphics.

“If you would pour its power into graphics it’ll be the best that we’ve yet to see, and I think everyone is thinking about in what way we should use that power,” he explained. “I [am] as well. There’s artificial intelligence and many other things I want to think about.” Could the already bustling streets of Kamurocho be about to get busier?

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