Persona 5 The Royal Improvements

New information regarding Persona 5: The Royal has arrived courtesy of the latest issue of Famitsu magazine. In an interview with key development staff, it's revealed that the game will be easier to manage in various ways, making for what should be a better paced experience. Thanks Gematsu for the translation and breakdown of said interview.

First off, the devs say that they're making it easier to acquire experience points and subsequently level up your party and personas. In Persona 5, experience points can come rather slowly at times, especially since higher difficulty levels award less experience. The hope is that this change will allow you to play at a "better tempo". Hey, the less grinding the better, right?

Outside of combat, The Royal also streamlines general progression through the game. Instead of having to manually track down characters who you want to spend time with or hunt for specific activities, you can have the game "suggest" a destination based on your social links and stats. You can then select this suggestion with the push of a button. In theory, this should make it easier to sail through the adventure's slower moments, and you won't necessarily have to spend minutes thinking about how best to spend your limited free time.

All in all, these tweaks sound quite promising, and we wouldn't be surprised to learn of other welcome adjustments over the coming weeks and months. We love Persona 5 (okay, maybe Sammy isn't its biggest fan), but if there was one criticism we'd level at it, it's that the game does drag its feet here and there. Better pacing in The Royal definitely sounds like a win to us.