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We were going to start this article with a hearty helping of snark, but to be honest we just feel sorry for ANTHEM these days. The game may have sold a substantial number of copies out of the gate, but frankly it’s been a disaster, and there’s no use in us rubbing further salt in the wound. If you did happen to buy it – and perhaps even enjoy it? – then there’s good news in the form of the foray’s oft-touted Cataclysm event, which is actually still coming out.

It’s a miracle, right? There’s still no actual date for the in-game content drop, but more details will be revealed next week. What we do know, however, is that it will run for several weeks, although there will be a period of public testing prior to a two week prologue. This will comprise of three missions with “high quality cinematic scenes” and a hearty helping of Vanity items. Once the pre-amble is over, you’ll be able to explore an all-new environment, in which Cataclysm will unfold.

There’s a lot to this, but according to the developer it's been built with replayability in mind. Your main objective is to defeat a faction leader named Vara, but there have been scoring systems included to transform this into an almost arcade-like challenge. The new area itself will play host to a range of different challenges, and it’s all set to evolve over time, with the whole thing clearly designed to keep players engaged.

Obviously you’ll unlock new loot as you progress, which the developer promises is better than anything currently available in the game. There’ll also be a patch to coincide with the in-game event, which promises to overhaul loot drops and re-balance the overall gameplay. So tangible improvements, then, and a roadmap for fans to look forward to. Whether it’ll be enough to pull players back remains to be seen, but it’s better than nothing, right?