Remember the PlayStation Classic? We rather liked it, to be honest, but enthusiasm for the miniature retro machine quickly dwindled thanks to a divisive selection of software and some ropey emulation. Consequently, the plug and play console's price has been gradually on the decline for months, and this latest UK deal from Argos might be the biggest bargain so far.

At just £29.99, we've yet to see it going for any cheaper. It seems like a no-brainer at this stage; you're essentially getting 20 PSone titles for about £1.50 each, which isn't bad at all. Whether or not you're a fan of all the games, there's bound to be a handful you can enjoy for 30 quid.

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Are you tempted by this offer? Have you been waiting for the right price on a PS Classic? Break open your piggy bank in the comments below.