The Surge 2 Jericho City

As part of its "What's Next 2019" event, publisher Focus Home Interactive announced that Deck 13's The Surge 2 will release "in a few months" time, indicating a summer launch is on the cards.

Alongside that, the two teams announced a continued partnership that will help shape the development and subsequent release of a new franchise. It is said to benefit from "all the know-how and expertise of the studio". Deck 13 wasn't the only focus of the event though, with the likes of DONTNOD announcing that it too will be partnering up with Focus Home Interactive on another project. Vampyr sold one million copies, so it's obvious why.

Don't forget that The Surge, the original title in the Dark Souls-like series, is currently a part of this month's PlayStation Plus line-up. So, if you skipped on the first one, this is the perfect opportunity to play catch-up before the sequel launches.

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