PS5 PS Plus Premium

Oh hell yeah, it's for another ridiculous PlayStation 5 rumour! This one comes from an anonymous post from a European developer who is supposedly working on a PS5 launch title. Already off to a great start.

To put it bluntly, the post is nonsense. The anonymous source claims that the PS5 is launching in either March or November 2020. They're not quite sure, which is weird considering that they're apparently working on a launch title. The post then goes into detail on PS5 specs, pricing, software lineups, the whole shebang.

But there's one part of the post in particular that's been picked up on be a number of websites and passed around like it's somehow a legitimate rumour. The post claims that the PS5 will have something called 'PlayStation Plus Premium' (because PlayStation Plus isn't already a premium service?), which will give subscribers exclusive access to alphas, betas, and private game servers. What?

Unless the current structure of alphas and betas was to change rather dramatically to the point where Sony could wrestle access away from publishers and developers, this just sounds incredibly stupid. And giving people the ability to create their own private servers? Come on, guys.

Look, we know news is a little light right now and everyone's falling over themselves to get the first big scoop on the PS5, but surely we're better than this.