The Division 2 How to Get the Exotic Merciless Rifle Guide

How do you get the exotic rifle known as Merciless in The Division 2? Every one of the game's numerous exotic weapons requires quite the investment, but obtaining the Merciless is actually fairly straight forward. Here's how to make it a permanent part of your loadout.

How to Get the Exotic Merciless Rifle in The Division 2

Unfortunately, getting the Merciless rifle to drop is based purely on RNG. The weapon can be picked up from defeated Hyena bosses, meaning you're either going to have to find them out in the open-world or during missions. Because of that, we recommend running a certain couple of levels over and over again until the gun drops. Those missions are:

  • Jefferson Trade Center
  • Bank Headquarters

The harder the difficulty you play the mission on, the better chances you have of the Merciless dropping. We recommend playing on either hard or challenging if you think you're good enough. It's all about time investment - your chances of getting the weapon to drop are lower on hard, but could you get two runs in during the same time it would take for you to beat the level on challenging once? It's all up to you.