Anthem Players

Look, we don't want to necessarily kick ANTHEM while it's down (and let's face it, it's been down for a while), but we're now reaching a worrying point in the game's life. As reported across the title's official forums as well as boards like Reddit and throughout social media, the game's currently facing a bit of a matchmaking crisis. Why? Well, it sounds like it's simply a case of there not being enough people actually playing the game.

Players are having to tackle endgame activities without a full squad because they can't find allies. Meanwhile, those looking to complete lesser objectives seem to be sh*t out of luck, because anyone hardcore enough to still be playing ANTHEM is grinding out the most lucrative stronghold over and over again. In short, it's not a good look.

At this point we're not sure what the solution is. Even if BioWare was to somehow transform ANTHEM into a much better game, would players come back? What if it completely rebooted ANTHEM in a Final Fantasy XIV kind of way? Does it even have the resources to pull off something like that? We find ourselves doubting it. We can only hope that BioWare delivers with the title's future updates and additional content.

What would you do with ANTHEM right now? Give us your plan of action in the comments section below.

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