Trish Devil May Cry 5 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Uh-oh, the Sony censorship row has re-erupted – and this time it involves a big-name game, rather than a niche Japanese visual novel. Fans have noticed that in Devil May Cry 5 there are additional lens flares in the PlayStation 4 version of the game, obscuring a shot of Trish’s derriere. Interestingly, the light rays are not present in the Xbox One or PC versions of the game – nor are they included in the NTSC version either.

Even more curious is that there’s a similar scene elsewhere in the game which shows Lady’s posterior, and this is covered up on all platforms. So what’s going on? Well, it certainly seems too specific to be a bug or an error, so we’re guessing the Trish scene was intended to be censored on the PS4 – especially when you consider that the PlayStation maker has been on a goody two-shoes crusade for a few months now.

Whatever the case, we can already feel the anime avatars shaking with anger from here.