Sony Censored PlayStation PS4 1

Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal was recently delayed on the PlayStation 4 as the platform holder asked publisher XSEED to remove a controversial mode which effectively allows you to fondle its cast of questionably aged virtual characters against their will. Some felt that, given cultural context in 2018, the manufacturer had made the right decision, while others argued that they’d rather make up their own mind about the games they play.

There’s some speculation that Sony’s clamping down on heavily sexualised content, especially after it refused release of bizzarro dating game Super Seducer, but many assumed that this would be limited to Western territories. However, comparison screenshots of a new Japanese visual novel which released this week in the East reveal it may be a company-wide policy. The pictures, compared to the Nintendo Switch and PC, show use of heavy lens glare to obscure sexual imagery on the PS4 only. The censorship was not present in the PS Vita version, which launched a year ago.

There’s also chatter that the PlayStation maker has requested “jiggle physics” be removed from the PS4 version of Warriors Orochi 4, as they’re present in the Nintendo Switch release but conspicuously absent from the Sony SKU. Obviously this could just be a bug or glitch, but given the wider context of what’s been happening these past few weeks, it seems like the platform holder really could be shutting down this kind of content.

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