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There’s lots of chatter about censorship on Sony systems at the moment, but one Japanese developer has shed a little more light on the situation. Hot on the heels of a spate of sexual games being “covered up” on PlayStation platforms, developer Light has spoken about its game Silverio Trinity on a NicoNico Stream.

The title – which is rated age 18 and up in Japan – is coming to a PlayStation platform, and development is completed. However, despite the studio seemingly having some kind of exclusivity agreement in place with Sony, it’s not able to release the title right now because it’s being put through a “strict inspection”.

“Sony seems to be moving toward disallowing ports of ages 18 and up titles worldwide,” a representative said, as transcribed by Hachima Kikou and translated by Gematsu. “And this game is ages 18 and up, so it’s being subjected to a very strict inspection, and we’re getting all these questions.”

Silverio Trinity 1

To make matters worse, the platform holder is asking all the questions in English, forcing the studio to go through a translator to get its answers across. “Internally it’s complete,” the representative added, “but there are things we can’t do without connecting to Sony’s servers, like Trophies. So everyone is like, ‘When will we be able to add Trophies?’”

The developer concluded that if it can’t release the game on PlayStation, it’ll have to find somewhere else to put it, but right now it’s stuck because it signed an agreement with Sony – presumably for some kind of exclusivity. We’re not sure how much is being lost in translation here, but if the situation is what it seems, then we agree with the studio’s closing sentiments: “Pretty awful, right?”

There are multiple examples now of games being suddenly censored on Sony systems, with even Japanese-only releases affected. The directive does appear to be coming from the West – as this latest information from Light seems to corroborate – but it’s going to be interesting to see just how many games this ends up affecting. What about the upcoming Dead or Alive 6, for example?

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