Have you ever wondered what Yacht Club Games would do after Shovel Knight? The answer isn't quite as straightforward as you think. The studio has just announced a retro ninja action platformer named Cyber Shadow. It's very much in the company's wheelhouse, but Yacht Club isn't on development duties -- it's merely publishing the game. Mechanical Head Games is the development team, and from this first trailer, it looks like it's doing a great job.

In a world overrun by machines, Shadow the ninja sets off on a quest to rescue his fallen clan. It's clearly been inspired by the likes of Ninja Gaiden, and it certainly looks the part with its 8-bit stylings. There will be lots of bosses to fight, skills to unlock, and secrets to find.

There's no release date right now. Cyber Shadow looks like one to watch -- like The Messenger, this could be a highly entertaining retro adventure. What do you think? Air dash into the comments below.

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