Apex Legends Octane Season 1 Battle Pass PS4 PlayStation 4

Rumours have been circulating regarding Apex Legends for weeks, so it's nice to finally have confirmation from EA. The newest playable character, Octane, has now been officially revealed, and he'll arrive within the game starting tomorrow on PlayStation 4.

It seems the leaks about the character were pretty much legit. "His Adrenaline Junkie ability lets him trade health for speed, and an endless supply of Stim health regeneration means he’s always ready for action," Reads his description on the PlayStation Blog. "His Launch Pad Ultimate Ability lets his squad fly through the air with the greatest of ease." It seems Octane is available to play tomorrow, when we'll also see the arrival of Season 1.

Called Wild Frontier, the first season brings all manner of fresh content to the game, and you can get even more if you opt to purchase the Battle Pass, which has also been confirmed. It'll cost players 950 Apex Coins -- the nearest real money equivalent is £7.99, which buys you 1,000 of the in-game currency.

Will you be checking out Season 1's offerings in Apex Legends? What do you think of newcomer Octane? Become the jumpmaster in the comments below.

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