Quick-fire multiplayer games are pretty common these days, and amid all the rage-inducing successes and failures, they can be a lot of fun. The likes of TowerFall Ascension, Ultimate Chicken Horse, and Nidhogg thrive on things getting heated between you and your pals, and so too does Move or Die, which is coming to PS4 after several years of waiting.

In Move or Die, four local or online players take part in a series of minigames with simple objectives. The catch? Well, the clue's in the name -- standing still will deplete a health bar at the bottom of the screen, so you need to keep moving if you want a shot at victory. The PS4 release benefits from three years worth of content updates, so it sounds like a fairly sizeable package, with plenty of character skins, gameplay mutators, and more. It launches on 5th March 2019 for $14.99.

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