For the second time, Dreams developer Media Molecule live streamed some of its highlights from the ongoing beta test, featuring a whole host of user-created goodies. The big takeaway is that there's already a wide variety of levels, objects, and characters to be discovered, and some of it is seriously impressive.

One example is something called VISCERAL, a work-in-progress, atmospheric, first person shooter with unsettling sounds and muted but trippy visuals. For an unfinished community-made game, it looks surprisingly effective. Another favourite of ours is Cloudy with a Chance of Face, a much simpler 2D platformer in which you need to run to the end while avoiding creepy heads that fall from the sky. The Classical Order is a humorous game about Greek columns, and Gold Valley is similar to The Witness in style -- a first person puzzler set on a mysterious island.

We highly recommend watching the above stream if you're curious to see what people are making, as there's some wonderful stuff in the mix already. What will you make in Dreams on PS4? Don't steal each other's ideas in the comments below.

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