Anthem Demo Details

Those of you who have pre-ordered ANTHEM will probably already know that you're getting an exclusive demo at the end of the week. Set to launch on the 25th January (1st February for everyone else), BioWare has previously said that the demo will be representative of the final game in terms of general gameplay, but there'll be some key differences elsewhere.

For a start, you won't be able to create a custom character, and you'll be plopped "in the middle" of the campaign. There are also no tutorials, and the balance of the game is "super different". Executive producer Mark Darrah states that the "economy is completely different" as well. Darrah later explained that the demo's "easier in general".

Obviously we don't expect a demo to be fully indicative of a final product, but it does seem like BioWare wants to keep expectations in check. Here's hoping that it turns out to be an enjoyable early look at ANTHEM.