How to Take a Selfie in Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide 1

Kingdom Hearts 3 allows you to take pictures at pretty much every opportunity outside of cutscenes, but most importantly, it also lets you snap a selfie via the Gummiphone. How do you do that exactly? Here's how.

How to Take A Selfie in Kingdom Hearts 3

Firstly, you're going to have to get your hands on the Gummiphone. This happens early on in the game, roughly three hours into the experience, and once it's a part of your inventory you'll be able to start setting up some shots.

To bring the Gummiphone up in order to take a picture, simply press the touch pad. This will bring up the user interface that lets you take a quick photo, think of it as a simple Photo Mode. From there, press the X button to turn the camera on yourself, and once you're positioned nicely, press R1 to take a selfie.

How to Take a Selfie in Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide 2

Including other characters in the shot encourages them to pose or make comments on your photography skills, just like Donald Duck does in just a snippet from one of our photo shoots above!