Television manufacturers often play a demo reel on their brand new displays in order to best show off their products to the public. You know the ones -- there's usually footage of glitzy cityscapes, swimming polar bears, and fields of flowers, all of it beautifully crisp to entice shoppers. Well, Sony has been using Gran Turismo Sport for a similar purpose, and the game has been spotted running on the company's new 8K TV.

At CES 2019, the Japanese giant, which is obviously known for its high end electronics as well as its games, is showing off the Z9G, a 98-inch LCD television with an 8K display. In the above video, you can see some brief off-screen footage of the set showing Gran Turismo Sport which, thanks to some upscaling and other clever technical wizardry, is displayed at twice the resolution as normal.

It's pretty impressive. While this doesn't really confirm anything, it's interesting to postulate whether the PS5 could potentially run games at such a high resolution. If 8K TVs eventually become the norm, we guess the games will catch up at some stage, and it looks like Sony could be pushing the envelope in this area. Are you eager for 8K games, or have you yet to even make the jump to 4K? Start saving for the Z9G in the comments below.