Anthem early access

The internet's found a new punching bag, and it's a tweet from EA's official support account. As with many big budget releases these days, ANTHEM is playable early under specific circumstances. For example, Origin users on PC have the option of jumping in on the 15th February -- a week before the game launches elsewhere. There's also a ten hour trial coming to Xbox One on the same day.

It's all nonsense to begin with, but you know what really gets people riled up? Charts that tell everyone exactly when they're able to play, like it's supposed to be a consumer-friendly business practice.

"Hey guys, we're here to help!"

Our editor Sammy Barker's said it before, but it's worth repeating: tempting people to pay more for early access to a full price retail game is an incredibly slippery slope, and one of the biggest cons going in the game industry right now.

We're looking forward to getting our hands on ANTHEM, but EA really needs to cut down on the goofs and gaffs. That goes for the public demo, too, which is going live tomorrow.