Anthem player lobby

Good news, ANTHEM will have an online player hub after all. A much requested feature, lead producer Mike Gamble has confirmed that it's been added after receiving feedback on the matter from fans.

Previously, ANTHEM had a system where, after completing a mission with other people, you'd return to Fort Tarsis alone. The fort acts as your home, where you'll pick up quests, buy stuff, and learn more about the game's world and lore.

Gamble explains that you can still do this, or you can head straight to the new 'Launch Bay', which is basically an online lobby where you can meet other players and pick up more missions. Certainly sounds handy, and Gamble says that more information on the Launch Bay is coming soon.

It's nice to see that BioWare's already taking feedback on board. Hopefully this move is indicative of how the developer plans on supporting the game following its launch next month.