Déraciné PS4 Reviews PlayStation 4 Round Up 1

Déraciné reviews are out, and we’re still not sure how to pronounce it. Is it ‘Day-ress-a-nay’? Is it ‘Deh-rah-seen’? Is it ‘Day-rass-an-eee’? Goodness knows – what we do know is that critics can’t quite decide whether they like it or not. There are some glowing reviews for this PlayStation VR exclusive from FromSoftware – and also some less than glowing ones. It doesn’t seem like anyone in Europe has review code yet, so we’ll bring you coverage when we can. We're not sure we’ll be able to solve the pronunciation, though.

We Got This Covered - 9/10

The world-building here is as strong as it is in other FromSoftware games, albeit with a lot less bloodshed and frenetic combat. The level of immersion here feels nothing short of masterful; your time at this boarding school, roaming its halls and interacting with its inhabits, goes by quickly, and although you could, in theory, complete this game in a matter of hours, fight the urge to rush through it and explore every nook and cranny instead. It sounds cliche, I know, but Déraciné will reward those players who appreciate the journey instead of the destination. If you’re new to the world of VR and want something that shows off the tech without requiring you to mindless destroy an array of enemies, this is where you should start. It’s a must-have title in any PSVR owner’s collection.

WCCF Tech - 9/10

Déraciné is a wonderful faerie tale from beginning to end, with all the mystery and lore breadcrumbs of a proper From Software to keep players guessing until the end.

Attack of the Fanboy - 7/10

Déraciné is a solid addition to PSVR’s growing stable of exclusives. It’s not a must-play game though, especially if you’ve been through any of the other VR adventure games out there. It does have a bit of extra magic thanks to its developer and the story they are telling. FromSoftware crafted this game with love, and it shows in its overall polish and heart. If you devote yourself to getting engaged in Déraciné’s story then you certainly will. You’ll grow attached to the characters and the school they inhabit, and you will feel a sense of urgency around helping them with their problems. When the story is over you will feel a sense of both accomplishment and loss, and that is a true achievement in VR storytelling.

GameSpot - 5/10

Deracine has the buildings blocks of a good VR debut from Dark Souls creator FromSoftware, but it lacks the engrossing gameplay and mystique that has made the studio's previous titles so successful. It is a good example of a PSVR-exclusive title that uses the medium effectively, giving you ample control over your movement and an enticing space to explore fully with the flexibility of using your own two hands to pick it apart. Its narrative ambitions fail to meet the same bar, though, with intriguing themes that get lost within a poorly constructed narrative that's difficult to follow. Its puzzles fall prey to the same inadequacies, failing to leverage the more exciting mechanics presented from the start and instead relying on trivial scavenger hunts though frozen time. Deracine is a disappointingly flawed adventure that won't likely stick with you long after its conclusion.

Gaming Bolt - 4/10

Its visuals, the setting, mood, music, and cast are all serviceable but can also be slightly charming at times. Its somber orchestral melodies and melancholy ambiance create the same sense of loneliness and despair that a game like Dark Souls achieves so brilliantly. Its characters aren’t voice-acted with any level of enthusiasm but check off all the necessary qualities for being likable enough. I admittedly even found myself slightly attached to one of them as he fell under the weight of self-inflicted guilt and selfless sacrifice as the game unraveled its seemingly never-ending tale. I ultimately didn’t really care what happened in the long run thanks to otherwise lousy storytelling, but it was nice to have a fleeting connection to something among the rubble of the game’s failures. Had any of these positive aspects of the game been followed up with significantly better pacing and less perplexing interactivity, Déraciné could have been decent rather than disappointing.

Will you be picking up Déraciné? Do you know how to pronounce the game's name? Explore a world frozen in time via the comments section below.