We've not seen or heard much regarding ANTHEM for a while, have we? BioWare has been beavering away at its shared world sci-fi action game, and it's finally ready to show it once again. IGN has released a video with brand new gameplay that goes through each of the four mech suits, or Javelins, and demonstrates their unique abilities and Ultimates.

It's clear that each Javelin emphasises a different style of play. Colossus is a powerful mech that looks to deal lots of explosive damage, Interceptor is more agile and focuses on speedy attacks, while Ranger and Storm both appear to take on more supportive roles with elemental projectiles. The action all looks fairly decent, and we must admit that flying around does look pretty fun.

What are your thoughts on ANTHEM? Fly underwater into the comments below.

[via youtube.com, dualshockers.com]