Fallout 76 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Fallout 76 runs outrageously poorly on the PlayStation 4, and the pile-in from somewhat petty fans is beginning. While the online nature of the release has ruled out reviews from outlets like Push Square until a later date, players are taking to Metacritic to air their grievances with the online-focused survival title. It currently commands a rating of 2.7 on the aggregate site after 381 negative impressions; that’s up from the 1.8 or so it sat at earlier today.

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We’ve shared our concerns regarding the release multiple times, both during the beta and earlier today in some updated hands on impressions. Obviously we’re working hard to bring you a review as quickly as possible, but we wanted to make sure we were playing on retail servers before delivering a definitive verdict. As a preview, it’s safe to say that our reviewer Robert Ramsey isn’t overly impressed: “There are glimpses of fun drowned out by unforgivable performance and half-arsed online additions,” he said.

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