Catherine: Full Body is out on 14th February in Japan, and it’s no simple remaster. Adding an entirely new scenario and character to the campaign, this new trailer runs through all the additions you can expect from the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita re-release. Honestly, it’s an impressive offering – there are even some in-game glasses you can get with the Limited Edition which allow you to, y’know, see through the clothes of the female characters. Sounds like Sony isn’t censoring that.

There’s also a brief glimpse of Persona 5 hero Joker, who will be playable as downloadable content if you pre-order. It sounds like the PS4 and PS Vita versions will boast cross-save and cross-play, while there are new multiplayer and difficulty options as well. It’s not a remake but… The amount of stuff that’s being added virtually makes this a new game. It will release in West, but there’s no date just yet.

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