Another of 2018's big titles is just over a week away, and it looks to be bringing the big guns. Battlefield V might not be generating as much conversation as its rival shooters, but this impressive launch trailer presents another action-packed FPS from multiplayer aficionados, DICE.

With a convoluted release schedule that sees various parts of the game coming later down the line, it'll be interesting to see how the WW2 shooter fares in its opening weeks. The appeal of battle royale is arriving in March 2019 with the new Firestorm mode, and a chapter in the game's single player War Stories campaign is releasing after the fact as well. All these updates will be free -- hopefully the game can keep players hooked while DICE pushes everything out the door.

In any case, the base game launches on 20th November. Will you be charging into Battlefield V, or does the fragmented release schedule put you off? Sound off in the comments below.