It feels like we've been waiting eons for Shakedown: Hawaii, the follow-up to the enjoyable crime 'em up Retro City Rampage. The wait is nearly over, however, as VBlank Entertainment reveals a brand new trailer and a whole bunch of new info on the PS4 and PS Vita title -- including a release window. This 16-bit, Grand Theft Auto inspired romp will be making its way to Sony's platforms in Q1 2019.

The game centres around a shady CEO who's become a bit of a dinosaur. His businesses are failing, so to bring them into the modern world, he has to learn some all new methods. It's a cool narrative that fits the game's crime-based gameplay well, as you'll be taking down competitors and causing all sorts of havoc in order to see your business empire thrive.

On top of that, though, you'll also be acquiring new businesses that grant you bonuses, like new weaponry, and you'll be able to upgrade them in lots of nefarious ways. There will be a story mode, arcade challenges, and a free roam mode if you just want to let off some steam. It's sounding really quite promising.

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