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Naughty Dog is purportedly casting for a secret project, according to a movie insider who’s previously leaked information on Hollywood blockbusters. According to Daniel R, one of the project’s leads is “a black African American male [in his] 40s to 60s with short to medium length hair”. It apparently used the following photo reference:

The Californian developer is currently working on The Last of Us: Part II, but it wouldn’t be wild if it were prototyping new projects. Of course, there’s a possibility that this may be related to the new San Diego studio that Sony’s setting up, which seems set to continue the Uncharted series; online scuttlebutt believes this may actually be a second Naughty Dog-branded team.

It’ll probably be a long time until we hear anything concrete, but it’s nice to know that the studio is looking to the future. That's if any of this is accurate to begin with – always take Twitter rumours with a pinch of salt.

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