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Sony insinuated recently that it intends to “concentrate” on first-party production moving forwards, strengthening its output of PlayStation exclusives. And it sounds like the first stages of those plans have been put into motion, as job listings suggest that it’s creating a new development team in partnership with its Visual Arts Service Group.

For those of you not clued in on the inner-structure of the Japanese giant’s first-party stable, the VASG division specialises in motion capture, and has collaborated with a variety of developers on PS4 titles, including the upcoming God of War. It sounds like this new development team will be stationed nearby, and has been tasked with work on an unannounced title.

Now here’s where things get really interesting: the job listing requires applicants to have a “penchant” for third-person action games. It also states that it will be working in “collaboration” with a “major Sony development studio”. Further digging on ResetEra reveals that one PlayStation employee in the San Diego area has been working with Naughty Dog on an unannounced game.

Which leaves us with one conclusion: there’s a new Uncharted in the pipeline. To be fair, the franchise is by far one of Sony’s biggest bread winners, and many had pondered how it would push forward with the property now that Naughty Dog’s washed its hands of it. Creating a new team near to the company’s flagship motion capture studio certainly makes logistical sense.

The job listing continues: “The new game development team will leverage our existing expertise and talent, guaranteeing a high visual bar for the title.” Interesting stuff, eh? Of course, we could be reading into things too heavily; this may just be a support studio designed to assist with titles like The Last of Us: Part II. But that’s not really what the job listing suggests at all.

The question is: do you want more Uncharted? Are you worried about the prospect of another development team taking the reins – even if it is assisted by Naughty Dog? Are we jumping to far too many conclusions? Let us know in the comments section below.

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