Since the (brilliant) reveal trailer for Tetris Effect, we've not seen a huge amount of the trippy title from Enhance Games. It was shown off at E3, but for a game due out in a matter of days, we've seen remarkably little of it. Thankfully, there seems to have been a last minute push to show it off, as numerous outlets are showcasing brand new gameplay and previews.

The above example is from PlayStation Underground, which shows off Journey Mode - the mode we've seen already - and Mystery Mode, one of the many alternative ways to play. This mode tasks you with completing lines, obviously, but it throws lots of curve balls your way, such as giving you giant pieces, flipping the board upside down, or restricting your view of the next piece window.

Tetris Effect is out on 9th November, but a limited time demo will be available to download and play from the 1st to 5th November. Are you looking forward to this modern spin on the classic puzzle game? Get into the zone in the comments below.