Tekken 7 Nerf Lars

Tekken 7's mega Season 2 update released last week, balancing the entirety of the character roster while also adding new moves. However, it hasn't gone quite as smoothly as planned. Just hours after the patch landed, proficient players started noticing questionable alterations. Some moves, like Lars' now infamous super-fast and deadly wall bounce, seemed to be far too effective, to the point where many immediately considered them to be bugged, and not working as intended.

And as it turns out, they were right. Game director Katsuhiro Harada posted a short list of changes on Twitter earlier today, and now update 2.01 is available to download on PlayStation 4. When it comes to potentially broken character moves, the main offenders should now be fixed.

Were any of your main characters buffed to the extreme? Give your condolences to Lars and Katarina in the comments section below.

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