Marvel's Spider-Man Easter Egg

Back in May, Twitter user @topnotch1210, real name Tyler Schultz, tweeted out to Insomniac Games in the hopes that the studio would include a small easter egg for him inside Marvel's Spider-Man that would allow him to propose to his girlfriend. After some back and forth, it was agreed that the words "Madison, will you marry me?" would appear on the advertising board of a cinema, and if you do a bit of exploring in the game's re-creation of New York City, you'll find that the idea made it into the final game.

Unfortunately however, it doesn't look like things have gone to plan. Explained in the video below, it appears that the Madison in question left Tyler for his brother three to four weeks before the game's release.

And so now, the Easter egg appears to have gone to waste. Tyler states in the video that other couples are free to use the proposal if they want, but the original and most heartfelt intention has gone down the drain. Did you shed a tear? Wipe them away in the comments below.