Truant Pixel’s been churning out awesome PlayStation 4 dynamic themes for some time now, with its amazing PlayStation 2 animated wallpaper frequently topping the PlayStation Store charts. Sometimes the developer will upload unofficial concepts that it’s been working on behind-the-scenes, and this PSone theme simply has to get the greenlight from Sony.

Designed to celebrate 500 million units sold, it begins with the console’s legendary startup sound. The theme then proceeds to pan around a 3D render of the Japanese giant’s inaugural console, but what’s particularly neat is that if you scroll to the top layer of the console’s dashboard, it cuts away the plastic revealing the internals. Just watch the video to see for yourself.

It’s worth reiterating that this is just a concept and will not be released commercially, unless Sony gives Truant Pixel the go ahead. “We do not have a mandate to create such a theme officially, however high we would jump at the chance to do so,” the developer wrote on YouTube. Come on Shawn Layden et al – this needs to become a reality.