Marvel’s Spider-Man puts a strong foot forward during its opening mission, as Insomniac Games lays out all of the controls and puts you in pursuit of the Kingpin within minutes. It’s no secret that the web-slinger brings down Wilson Fisk at the very beginning of the game, but this kickstarts a chain of events that will eventually see you battling the Sinister Six.

How exactly does Peter Parker’s acrobatic alter-ego ensure that the bald baddie gets put behind bars, though? Well, as part of a recent hands on, we were able to play through the first boss fight in the game, which takes place at the top of the cloud chasing criminal’s office. There’s some brief wise-cracking from Spidey, before the battle gets underway.

To begin, Fisk has constructed some turrets, which will send your spider-sense into overdrive. Tapping the circle button will see you dodge out of the way, with the weapons eventually needing to reload. This gives you a brief window to web them up, before yanking them free from the pillars they’re disguised in and lobbing them at Kingpin’s hiding place.

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You’ll need to take out both of the turrets before getting a shot at the boss himself, who’ll block any of your melee attacks. You'll need to dodge his moves, web him up, and then you can land some hits. The triangle button allows you to web your way towards him if you’ve been standing out of his way, and delivers a devastating hit. Keep attacking him and you’ll trigger a QTE cut-scene.

This repeats a couple of times, with Fisk eventually calling in a few of his buddies to help out. The battle then becomes about enemy management; you need to clear out the goons while staying out of Willie’s way. Once you’ve subdued them all, you’ll have the opportunity to finish off Kingpin, triggering a QTE cut-scene that puts him under arrest.

It’s a very simple boss battle, but it’s also the first one in the game. At this point, Insomniac Games is still introducing all of the mechanics and the training wheels are very much still on, so it’s probably safe to assume that there’ll be more complicated encounters later in the campaign. Putting Fisk behind bars isn’t exactly a bad place to start, though, eh?

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