Angry Mob Games is bringing its Smash Bros. flavoured fighting game, Brawlout, to PS4 next week, and we already know about a handful of the game's guest characters. As well as featuring a selection of original characters, the game is set to include appearances from the likes of the Drifter from Hyper Light Drifter, Juan from Guacamelee!, and the titular Yooka-Laylee duo.

It's pretty cool to see protagonists from various smaller games featuring in Brawlout, and it seems that the developer is keen to keep adding to the roster after launch. In a free update later in the year, the main character from Dead Cells will be joining the party, and you can briefly see him in action in the above trailer.

Who else would you like to see added to Brawlout? Which character will you be playing as when the game is released next week? Put 'em up in the comments below.