Gravity Rush 2 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Gravity Rush 2’s servers were scheduled to be shut down on 18th January, but a fan campaign kept them alive until 18th July. Of course, that’s less than two weeks away at this stage, and so Kat’s biggest fans have taken to Twitter to petition for the title’s online longevity yet again. At best, they want Sony to keep the online component intact a bit longer – but if the worst comes to the worst, then they’re asking the platform holder to update the title so that all of the content will be available to newcomers. Currently you need to partake in some online activities to unlock everything.

To be fair, the game is by and large an offline experience, and closing the servers isn’t going to remove much from the release. But the precedent it sets is a poor one: the game’s barely even 18 months old, and while the online functionality is largely superfluous, the title certainly deserves better support than this. Campaigners are using the hashtag #DontForgetGravityRush on Twitter and sending it in the direction of Shawn Layden and Shuhei Yoshida, who are in charge of Worldwide Studios.

Just remember if you do take part to make your point politely; there’s nothing to gain from being rude, unreasonable, or outright offensive.