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On the anniversary of Gravity Rush 2’s release, Sony has announced that it will take the sequel’s servers down. It’s a move that the Japanese giant’s been making more and more often of late, with the likes of Kill Strain and The Tomorrow Children all killed within an outrageously short span of time. In the case of Kat’s sophomore effort, the title will still be fully playable with its online functionality removed, but the experience will be neutered, with some content potentially lost forever unless a patch unlocks it for everyone.

Fans of the franchise believe that taking the sequel offline could very well spell the end for the popular yet niche property, and they want to raise awareness for the series on social media. You can find out a lot more information on the Gravity Rush Central website, but it essentially amounts to a consolidated campaign across websites like Twitter, Facebook, and more. Sony’s been pretty proactive at paying attention to these kinds of petitions – Shawn Layden even mentioned that online pressure convinced him to greenlight the recent MediEvil remaster – so this is worth engaging in if you feel passionately about it.