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The controversy surrounding Quantic Dream rumbles on, as the Parisian developer has lost a court case against a former employee, who quit their job following an image manipulation scandal widely reported by French media. This is the first case that the Detroit: Become Human developer has lost, after two previous lawsuits were tossed out earlier in the year – although one is currently in the process of being appealed.

This week’s ruling, as reported by Gamekult’s Nicolas Turcev, centres around the prise d'acte employment law, which is similar to constructive dismissal and essentially sees the worker forfeiting their employment rights and salary, but then lobbying for unfair dismissal. So in this case, the former employee’s decision to quit has now been treated as unfair dismissal by the courts, and they will be afforded the various legal rights that come with it – although Quantic Dream can still obviously appeal.

The bigger picture is that the developer is currently locked in a legal battle with the various French media outlets which brought the Photoshopping scandal to light. The studio has labelled the claims as “slanderous” and part of a “smear campaign”, meaning there’s a lot more mileage in this story left to run. In the meantime, despite all of the courtroom activity overshadowing its debut, Detroit: Become Human has gone on to become the French firm’s fastest selling game.

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