Onrush How to Perform a Vomit Comet Action Guide 1

Onrush has a Trophy named ‘Which Way Is Up?’ which requires you to perform a Vomit Comet action. So how do you get it? We’re going to explain how in this guide.

How to Perform a Vomit Comet Action in Onrush

To perform a Vomit Comet action and unlock the ‘Which Way Is Up?’ Trophy in Onrush, you need to do a multi-rotation barrel roll. One of the best places to get this is by clipping the corner of one of the pipe ramps at the start of the Glory Dam map. Use either Vortex, Charger, or Dynamo, and boost into the pipe, clipping the corner so your car rotates. Let go of the nitrous while you’re in the air so you get more hang-time, and pray you land on four wheels. You need about four or five rotations to get the Trophy.