Avengers: Infinity War is the hot topic on everyone's mind right now, and after a neat little Easter egg was found in God of War referencing the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos himself is set to make an appearance in Fornite's Battle Royale mode.

Kicking off tomorrow, an event called the Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time Mashup will be available in the Fortnite hopper that plays very similarly to the standard mode, but with one huge difference. The Infinity Gauntlet will be located somewhere on the map, and whoever finds it will turn into Thanos and wield the six infinity stones and the power they bring.

It has been confirmed that this event won't bring any new skins with it, however, so your in-game cosplaying opportunities need to be put on hold for now. Will you be trying out the new mode tomorrow? Snap your fingers in the comments below.

Update: We've embedded the brief trailer for the Thanos event above.

[source ew.com]